CrossCrypt is a free software ( GPL ) for transparent encryption and decryption of hard drives and other data storage devices for Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 compatibility with Linux. CrossCrypt offers similar to TrueCrypt encryption so-called container files which can be mounted as virtual drives in Windows. The software supports the Twofish algorithms, and AES in the variants AES -128, AES -192 and AES -256.

CrossCrypt is compatible with loop-aes and so next FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt (version 4) one of the few encryption programs running under Linux and Windows.

Compared with similar programs

CrossCrypt, in comparison with FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt following advantages and disadvantages:

  • FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt use Salt and random initialization vectors to increase security. CrossCrypt does not provide this security and is therefore more susceptible to rainbow table attacks.
  • FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt should provide some form of credible deniability (English plausible deniability ) by hidden partitions ( "hidden volume" ), which lie in the free memory of another.
  • CrossCrypt can read encrypted discs. Do this create an ISO image of a CD to be encrypted with this CrossCrypt and then burns the encrypted dump on a new CD- R ( W). The so- encrypted CD can be mounted and read by CrossCrypt.
  • CrossCrypt used CBC; FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt use LRW / XTS