Crown colony

A crown colony (deprecated for: British overseas territories) is in the British constitutional law the estate managed by the Crown by a governor. Today, most Crown Colonies have in a hierarchy of a self- management ( internal autonomy ). Only the foreign policy and defense remains the responsibility of the UK. Only very small territories with small populations, such as South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, under the direct administration of an official appointed by the British government.

Former Crown Colonies

Many of the current members of the British Commonwealth had previously Crown Colonies. Must be distinguished from among other British protectorates and the subsequent self-governing Dominions, as well as areas that were under the management of a Dominion.

See: British colonies

Major Crown Colonies were:

  • Gold Coast to 1957
  • Hong Kong to 1997
  • Malta until 1964
  • Straits Settlements ( until 1946 ), followed by Singapore ( until 1965 )
  • Cyprus, to 1960