Crown of Christian V

The absolute crown (also crown of Christian V ) is since 1671 the official crown of the Kingdom of Denmark. It was created by King Frederick III. given for his son Christian V. in order after 1660, the introduction of absolute hereditary monarchy was successful.

The absolute crown was indeed worn at a coronation, but never used for the coronation ritual itself. For since the kingship was now transferred by inheritance, - ie without the participation of the nobility or of the states (see King choice) - the coronation was limited to the religious consecration rite of anointing. The anointing was abolished at the end of absolutism ( Constitution of 1849 ). Since then, the crown is Doloris use only in the laying out of a deceased monarch at the Castrum.

The Absolute Krone is located with the other Danish crown jewels in the treasury of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.


Done was the crown 1670/71 by Paul Kurtz. It is made of gold, enamel and ground stones. The crown is 21 cm high and measures about 25 cm in diameter with a total weight of 2080 grams. The Kronreif carries four large gems. On the front and back of two sapphires of 84 carats and 144 and on the sides of a ruby ​​of 90 and a spinel of 107 carats. In the spaces between the stones of the Kronreif wearing a diamond formed from vines ornament, which, starting in S-shaped volutes ending in the middle of a star in diamond flowers. Above the frost set in eight prongs that hold the shape of a broad blade and are connected by scrolled expiring sheet ends over the hoop. This blade tines are decorated by a beam- shaped ornament which arises from large diamond or diamond rosettes in the center of the page. You are strongly convex. At their peaks, the bracket set, which are shaped like narrow leaves and covered with diamonds. The brackets bend above the leaf ends a scrolled and models to vertex point light, where they carry globe and cross. The blue enameled globe carries strips of diamond on the equator line and radially from front to rear as well as at right angles to the latter on the upper side. The cross is made ​​of diamonds and has at the ends of the shape of shamrocks.