Cruiserweight (boxing)

The cruiserweight division is the professional boxing weight class under the heavy weight.

The limit is now 200 pounds, more than 90 kilograms. It was early, depending Association, 190 or 195 pounds.

The weight class has traditionally been little considered, because it is directly under the highly lucrative heavyweight division. In addition, there is no great tradition, as it has only existed since 1979. The reason for its introduction was to give small and grown correspondingly lighter heavyweights a fair platform. Dominated, for example, Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis in earlier times, the heavyweight class with a fighting weight of just 90 kilograms, recorded over the course of the 1970s a trend towards ever larger and heavier boxers off.

However, the more talented boxer usually skip the cruiserweight and change as Michael Moorer and Michael Spinks directly from light heavyweight to heavyweight. Even Roy Jones Jr. had a fight in the heavyweight division, but never boxed at cruiserweight.

Evander Holyfield was the only well-known boxer who united the three titles of the WBC, WBA and IBF cruiserweight; the WBO did not exist at this time.

One of the most bizarre fights of all time took place in this class on 19 October 1985 between Lee Roy Murphy and Chisanda Mutti, as simultaneously went down in the twelfth round, both boxers and only Lee Roy Murphy got up fast enough before the end of the count.

By raising the limit and a second association of the title under O'Neil Bell the class has nevertheless recently gained some prestige.

The point of this said limit boost is that the new limit with the ( named are misleading in the amateurs " heavyweight" ) in about the 91 -kilo class amateur matches, so that recently a lot of amateur talent in this class flow ( amateur world champion Alexander Alexeev, BJ Flores, Matt Godfrey, David Haye, Ertugrul Ergezen, Giacobbe Fragomeni ).