CryptLoad is written in VB.NET download manager for one-click - hoster, which also hide the download links, allowing, for example, can prevent a message from copyright infringement when Hoster. The links is encrypted in a so-called CryptLoad Container File (*. Ccf ) saved. Due to this fact, this file format is used primarily by illegal warez portals.

The download links are arranged in packets to allow the individual pausing and resuming downloads and make package - specific settings. So split RAR archives can be unpacked automatically after completion in multiple files. Using a CRC checksum to be faulty downloads can be automatically reloaded.

The program provides functions that simplify the downloading, but also circumvent security measures Hoster. So an integrated image recognition -interface allows automated reading Captcha graphics that are used primarily in free hosters. It is also possible to get through automated reconnect the Internet connection is a new IP address in order to reduce or to avoid the waiting time between downloads. At the simplifying features include the possibility that CryptLoad can recognize the entire series based on the first download link a series of download links to continue the program checks the availability of the files and automatically download all the files and unzip them to the user's request.

Owners of fee-based accounts ( " premium accounts " ) is the support of multiple connections per file (" chunks " ) available that can speed up the download. An " intelligent Download Control " is intended to increase the maximum speed through parallel downloads.

Also, any unencrypted files can be loaded with CryptLoad via the HTTP and FTP protocols.

CryptLoad the moment is only available for Windows, Version 2 are also packages for Linux and Mac OS are made available. When this will be released, is still unknown.


The general use of Cryptload is not illegal, even filehoster forbid their use is not, however, advise against it. The legal status of the downloaded content is irrelevant and must be evaluated separately.

Virus message

In CryptLoad various virus scanners propose to positive. This is due to the included utilities, all the mighty Netcat which as nc.exe in CryptLoad package is preceded included.

Comparable programs

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  • Rapidshare Downloader ( RSD) - Comparable closed-source download manager for Sharehoster
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