Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves is a computer game that was released in 1991 by Apogee in three episodes. The game uses the same engine as the later released Secret Agent.


Mylo Steam joke is a lost soldier of fortune, who wants a simple life in wealth. To achieve this goal, he first plans Twibbles ( an allusion to the Tribbles from the television series Star Trek), later to breed snails and finds his destiny ultimately in a fast food restaurant. In order to finance these companies, he builds in the Altair system from gems.


The player has to collect on a celestial body in each sub- level of a mine all gems. In this case, ask him hostile monsters in the way, which can be eliminated with a rocket gun. In addition, various doors must be opened and turned on elevators. Other barriers, such as stalactites, stalagmites and toadstools, must be avoided. This makes the level design to be situations without prizes, so proper planning of the solution path is necessary. Players can choose from an infinite number of lives available, but after the death of the player character is the lost level reset.

There are various items that can be collected by the player and give more ammunition for the rocket gun or a points bonus. Also, several power-ups can be found, their effect is limited in time.

An innovation in this game was that at least one level was rotated 180 ° and thus the gravity for the character on the ceiling.


14 years after release of the game Apogee published on 24 October 2005 a patch for the game to remove a Windows XP - specific error, which is a record in terms of long-term support, according to the corresponding press release.