ACU Arad was a Romanian sports club based in Arad. The department played football until 2011 in the third Romanian football league, the League III.


The genesis of ACU Arad has three different strands. On one hand, the sports club Universitatea de Vest Vasile private university Goldis was founded in 1995 with Universitatea Arad, on the other hand, there was in Arad at this time the club unterklassigen Motorul Arad. Moreover, had fused to form a club in 1994 Astra Arad Arad with Aris, who later called himself Romtelecom Arad. On the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the first official football game on the territory of today's Romania met in 1999 former officials of Astra Arad and decided to revive their old club. To this end, took George Albu, Ioan Todincă, Pavel Palcu, Ladislau " Sobi " Ghiţă, Ovidiu Păcurariu, Ioan Mircea Cernatari Puie and in the same year the leadership of the descended into the Viertklassigkeit 1997 Association Motorul Arad. He had played its home games in the Stadionul Motorul in Aradul Nou and had been forced to move his seat in the short term Socodor, 50 km away. The first home games of the 1999/2000 season took place in the stadium of Zădăreni on which stood empty after the dissolution of Petrolul Zădăreni, and succeeded in 2000 under coach Marcel Cean the immediate rise in the Divizia C. In summer 2000, merged with Universitatea Motorul Arad Arad that had descended sporty after a year of non- league affiliation to a new club called atletic club Universitatea Trinity Astra Arad. In this name there are multiple components found again: the memory of which was founded on August 25, 1899 Clubul atletic Arad, the University Vasile Goldis, which had dissolved their own team and a major sponsor of the new team was, and the freight car factory, which according to their takeover by U.S. investors now Astra Trinity said. The club colors were white and blue, the new team wearing its home games at the 8,000 -seat end Stadionul CFR Astra and coach was the former national player Marcel Coraş.

Already in the second half of the season 2000/ 01 the construct began to crumble. Due to the difficult economic situation, the freight car factory gradually reduced its financial commitment, so it was decided in 2002 to take this exit statement, and to shorten the club name on atletic club Universitatea Arad. After a fourth place in the 2000/01 season and a third place in 2001/ 02 the team closed the season 2002 /03, again starting in third place. She could still rise in the Divizia B, since this has been increased from two to three seasons. After relegation in 2004, the club lost in September of the same year his coach Marcel Coraş, who moved to local rivals and competitors second division UTA Arad as sports director. New coach Mircea Campeán under which, in October 2004, the only win of the season could be won. Campeán resigned on 24 March 2005 and was replaced by the defender Mircea Aslau, who took over the role as player-coach. At the end of the season 2004/ 05 ACU had to descend again into the Divizia C. This descent also meant the end for the Stadionul CFR Astra, whose demolition had been passed by the then mayor of Arad Dorel Popa eye in 2003 and was approved after 2004 against the will of public opinion by the new mayor Gheorghe Falca. 2005, the final decision was made in early 2006 and made ​​the demolition work that was necessary to make room for a Kaufland supermarket.

Although only few financial resources were available and the Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis was left as the only sponsor to ACU Arad did not dissolve and entered the season 2005 /06 under the new originating from Calafat President Gheorghiţă " Geta " Onu with eight penalty points for failure to achieve the minimum number of points in the previous season in Divizia C. In July 2005, a new Director of Sport has been committed with the Italian Gian Pio del Monaco, who wanted to bring five Italian businessmen as sponsors for the club. One day before the end of the first round Mircea Aslau was deposed as coach and replaced by Gian Pio del Monaco. In the first round, and at the beginning of the second half the home games were still held in Stadionul CFR Astra, until even the last supporters of the club's management had been removed and the current trial has been set. ACU Arad pulled thereupon after Aradul Nou in the makeshift renovated by the city Stadionul Motorul to that provided space for 500 spectators and was renamed in the meantime Stadionul Municipal. This season concluded ACU Although at the last place down, but could still stay in the league because Dalmore Tricolorul Alparea, the sport climbers from the League IV of Bihor County, the starting right was bought for 18,000 euros. New coach was Petre Grosu, the scorer of the Divizia A 1982/83, which, however, stepped back again after six weeks, in which only one point from four league games could be achieved. In September 2006, took over Joan Herman, who had been coach at 2003 Romvest Arad in Divizia D, the position of head coach at ACU.

After a mid-table position, the club finished second in the following season in his third league season in second place behind Unirea Sânnicolau Mare. In the relegation matches to ACU won against Gaz Metan Podari and Avantul Reghin and thus increased in 2008 for the second time in the League II. In early October 2008, the 2007 undertook coach Mihai Roşca was after eight matchdays replaced by the previous co - trainer Costel Bogoşel, ended with the ACU, the 2008/09 season in 15th place. With a home win on the last game against FC Bihor Oradea the sports league could have done. After the end of 1:1 outgoing game gave players of FC Bihor on record that there had been at half-time break a bribery attempt. Subsequently, the Romanian Football Federation announced on 17 August 2009 that ACU had relegated despite the withdrawal of Liberty Salonta in the League III. Even after the direct resurgence ended the team's season 2010/11 the relegation zone, so that the club was preparing for another season in League III. In July 2011, however, gave the Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis their withdrawal as a sponsor known. After there was no other investor, presented the President Gheorghiţă Onu the operation of gambling then and announced the club from the Association. This placed the vacant place in the league III then to Jiul Petrosani.


  • Promotion to the Liga II: 2003, 2008, 2010

Former coach

  • Romania Marcel Coraş (summer 2000 to September 2004)
  • Romania Mircea Campeán (2004 to 24 March 2005 )
  • Romania Mircea Aslau (24th March 2005 to November 2005 )
  • Romania Gian Pio del Monaco (November 2005 to 2006)
  • Romania Petre Grosu ( July 2006-August 2006 )
  • Romania Ioan Herman (September 2006 to 2007)
  • Romania Mihai Roşca ( 2007 to October 2008)
  • Romania Costel Bogoşel ( October 2008-July 2011 )

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