CS Oberkorn

Cercle Sportif upper grain is a Luxembourgian football club from top grain. The club plays its home games at the asylum, play field Woiwer from.


CS upper particle was founded on 1930. During the German occupation of Luxembourg, the club was renamed in 1940 in FK upper grain. Since 1944, he is wearing his original name.

In the season 1948/49, the CSO played in the highest league in Luxembourg. Before and after the club back and forth between the honorary doctorate and Viertklassigkeit.

1964 ( 0-1 against Rapid Neudorf ) and 2010 ( 1-3 against UN Käerjéng ​​97) failed the upper Korner in Barragespiel for promotion to the National Division.

After CS Oberkorn 2012, the relegation of an honorary degree by a 1-0 win in the first Barragespiel against Second Division - 1st District, Atert bite, succeeded, the club had one year later than 11th of an honorary degree by a 0:4 defeat in Barragespiel against FC Rodingen 91 in the low ranks descend ..