CS Sedan Ardennes

The Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes is a French football club based in the north- east, near the border with Belgium City Sedan Ardennes department.


It was founded in 1919 as Union Athlétique Sedan- Torcy; In 1966 he merged with the Racing Club de Paris and was called RC Paris - Sedan ( between the two cities are 250 km! ) Until he accepted in 1970 its present name ( apart from a brief, merger-related interlude as CS Sedan- Mouzon Ardennes mid-1970 years). The club colors are green and red; the CS is due to the forest wealth of the region from press and fans also quite affectionately as " The wild boar " (French: Les Sangliers ) called The League team plays at the Stade Louis- Dugauguez with space for 23,190 spectators..

Club president Pascal Urano; the first team is coached by Laurent Guyot since the beginning of the 2011/12 season. (August 2011)

League membership

First time in 1953 (then in the Division 2 ) ascended to the professional sector, followed by the mid- 1960s, the previous best time of Ardennais in particular which was crowned in National Cup also of countable successes. 1976-1985, 1996-1998 and 2013 /14 - after compulsory relegation for financial reasons - by contrast, Sedan even found only in the amateur stock ( CFA2, fifth league) again. First class (Division 1 since 2002 in Ligue 1 renamed) played the club from 1955 to 1971, 1999-2003 and 2006/07.

Logo History

Union Athlétique Sedan- Torcy ( 1960 )

Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes I.

Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes II

Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes ( 1980 )

CS Sedan (current)


  • French Champion: None; best ever placement was Table 3 Rank ( 1962/63 and 1969 /70)
  • French Cup Winners: 1956, 1961 ( also Cup finalist in 1965, 1999 and 2005)

Major players in the past and present