Csaba Markus

Csaba Markus ( b. 1953 in Budapest) is a Hungarian -born artist, painter, sculptor and publisher. As an artist he works preferably in the area of ​​graphics with a focus on screen printing. His work includes oil paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture.

Life and work

His mother is Szollos Erzsebet. His childhood was influenced by regular museum visits.

He was also influenced by the avant-garde and abstract art. Markus was more and more dissatisfied with his teachers and the constraints of communism in his native Hungary. His artist's career began with sculptures.

At 14, he became acquainted with his work to an international television audience. Around 1979 he began to work with traditional graphics including etching. He often used two or three copper plates and up to 100 colors for his silkscreen prints. He mixed this drypoint, aquatint and (soft ground) etching techniques with graphite pencil. Csaba Markus is closely connected with the sfumato technique.

His oil painting, he started with grisailles in gray or sepia as the monochromatic design of the finished piece. When this was dry, he started different colored glaze layers inflict Although the layers were transparent is more or less the result of a combination of colors, which ultimately results in a hue, as if he had simply mixed the colors. The paintings of Markus used small dots in several layers, there are around the eyes and mouth around more than 30 such layers.


The publisher of Csaba Markus was founded in 2004.

  • Gems and Rhapsodies, 2004, ISBN 0-9746635-0-6
  • Artist and Muses, 2007, ISBN 0-9746635-1-4
  • Artist & Muses, Silk Edition, 2008, ISBN 0-9746635-2-2


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