Cserszegtomaj ( German: Thomey ) is a Hungarian community in Zala county. It has 2,765 inhabitants ( 2011).

Geographical location

The place Czerszegtomaj has an area of ​​12.6 square kilometers and lies between Keszthely and Rezi, in the northwestern region of Lake Balaton, within the small area of Hévíz. The Keszthely Mountains are located in the Northeast. Cserszegtomaj is 4 km from Lake Balaton and 3 km from the spa of Hévíz.


The community consists of two town centers, Cserszeg and Tomaj. The town was first mentioned as Tomaj in 1357 in documents. 1846 sites were combined to Cserszegtomaj. Cser means Turkey oak and szeg pen. Tomaj is a tribe that settled here.

Attractions and facilities

  • Spring Cave ( kútbarlang )
  • Arboretum with an amusement park and Margit Lookout
  • Burgtheater on Orbán Course ( Varszinhaz )
  • Dragon Flight School