As Central Sports Club of the Army ( CSKA, ZSK, CSKA, CSCA or CWKS ) a sports club or sports club was called, which was founded and operated by a member of the Warsaw Pact army. In addition to the centers Sports clubs existed in several Eastern Bloc countries some more Army Sports Club (ASK, SKA, WCS).


In the GDR, the Army Sports clubs carried the additional label " Forward". Central Army Sports Club was the ZSK forward the CIP Berlin ( Central Sports Club of the People's Police ), from which the ASK Vorwärts Berlin emerged, which eventually became the ASK Vorwärts Frankfurt. He was like the other Army Sports Club of the GDR, the Army Sports Club forward to, which was under the NVA.


  • ASK forward Cottbus
  • ASK forward Erfurt
  • ASK Vorwärts Frankfurt
  • ASK forward Leipzig
  • ASK forward Oberhof
  • ASK forward Potsdam
  • ASK forward Rostock

Other Eastern Bloc states

Well-known sports clubs that have carried the name CSKA or even carry, can be found among others in Moscow and Sofia.

In Czechoslovakia and now in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic Army Sports clubs bear the name of Dukla, after a pass north of Svidník on the Polish- Slovak border. There was the Red Army, supported by Czechoslovak troops attempted to cross the Carpathian Mountains in the fall of 1944 and was there encountered fierce German resistance. About 46,000 soldiers died on both sides.

In Hungary, the Army Sports Club on behalf Honvéd can be seen, the name comes from fighters for the independence of Hungary.

In Poland, the Army Sports clubs bearing the name Wojskowy club Sportowy ( WCS) before the actual club name, Legia Warsaw as Central Sports Club the name Centralny Wojskowy club Sportowy ( CWKS ).


  • CSCA Bucharest
  • Dukla Banská Bystrica
  • Dukla Jihlava
  • Dukla Prague
  • Dukla Trenčín
  • Honvéd Budapest
  • Legia Warsaw
  • SKA Khabarovsk
  • SKA Minsk
  • SKA Novosibirsk
  • SKA Rostov
  • SKA St. Petersburg
  • WKS Grunwald Poznań
  • WCS Gryf Wejherowo
  • WKS Zawisza Bydgoszcz
  • CSKA Kiev
  • CSKA Moscow
  • CSKA Sofia
  • Military Sports Club