CSO Amnéville

The Club Sportif Orne 1919 Amneville -les -Thermes (in short: CSO Amneville ) is a French football club from the city of Amneville Lorraine (German Amenweiler or steel home ).


The club was founded in 1919. 1924, the CSO was promoted to the Division d' Honneur for the first time. As Northeast Lorraine was ( congruent with the Département Moselle ) occupied by the German Reich, the CSO Amneville came into the schedule of the German Football Association. In addition, the club was Germanized.

After the war, the CSO Amneville came back into playing mode of the FFF, the French Football Federation. 1975 increased the team, the first in the fourth division, in the Division 3. In the first year achieved a respectable fifth place. In the second year, however, was a 15th place in the table. This was associated with the re descent. 1981 could again ascend to Division 3 of the club from the Metzer periphery.

After a 12th place from the club from Lorraine in 1983 rose with a 15th place again. 2013/14 plays the CSO Amneville in CFA2, the fifth division.

Known player

Former players

  • Cyril Serredszum, former first division. Had played in Amneville 2002-2006. There he had also ended his career.
  • Didier Lang, former first division and player of Sporting Lisbon. Had played until 2005 when CSO Amneville
  • Thierry Steimetz, later second division players. Had to early 2012 played in Amneville.

Current player

  • Nicolas Fernandes, a former second-division player. Playing in Amneville since 2012
  • Jonathan Hunter, former Bundesliga player at SC Freiburg. Playing in Amneville Since 2013