Cuajada [ kwa'xaða ] ( Spanish, " congeal, thicken " of cuajar ) is a product made from sheep's milk dairy product. It comes from the Basque country and is widespread in northern Spain. Basque in the milk product is referred to as Mamia.

In the preparation of Cuajada sheep milk is heated to about 40 ° C and rennet is added. The milk is fermented and the resulting curd gets a yogurt -like consistency. The heating can be carried out with heated stones in the fire, so that the Cuajada receives a slight Räuchernote next to the delicate, distinctive flavor sheep.

As an alternative to cow's milk Sheep milk can also be used thickened with milk powder.

Cuajada is served chilled as a dessert and sweetened with honey or substitute with sugar.

In Latin America we mean by Cuajada a cheese which is often red beans ( frijoles ) eaten with a tortilla.

  • Milk product
  • Spanish Cuisine
  • Sweet dish
  • Spanish Cheese