Cuamba is a city in the province of Niassa in Mozambique.


Cuamba is located in the north of Mozambique, near the border with Malawi. The city has an area of 131 km ². Cuamba is the Monte Namuli.


Cuamba has about 75,000 inhabitants (extrapolation 2006). In the 1997 census we recorded 59 396 inhabitants.


The Catholic University of Mozambique has a renovated barracks in Cuamba agronomy faculty of 25 professors and 343 students. The German - Mozambican Society supports this project.

Economy and infrastructure

Cuamba has its own hydroelectric power plant to generate electricity in the nearby mountains. The town lies on the railway line between Nacala - Lichinga. After Nampula and Lichinga there are also gravel roads.

The airport has a runway of 2,800 m in length and is served by international companies. Its origin in this sparsely populated area, he owes to the fact that before the introduction of the Boeing 747 was not a direct flight from Europe to South Africa without refueling possible.