Cue Card

A Cue Card (English, translated "Keyword - Map " ) is a written reminder, a cue or a kind of cheat sheet that can be used for example in television broadcasts by the presenter or his interlocutor, by actors when rotating or, more generally, of speakers or speakers.

A Cue Card Girl ( colloquially " cards keeper " ) is located at television programs outside the field of view of the camera and holding the cue cards high, on which - mostly handwritten - are written tags and notes that are useful in the implementation of the broadcast or recording. Their activity is similar to that of a prompter.

In another version, much smaller tiles are held in the hand as a reminder of a moderator or a speaker to the public itself.

Cue Cards in the film

The first actor who made ​​use of cue cards because of his bad memory said to have been John Barrymore; Hans Albers, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando took the help of cue cards. François Truffaut shows in his movie The American Night in a scene the use of cue cards for the aging Severine, played by Valentina Cortese, who was nominated for this role for an Oscar.