Culver City, California

Los Angeles County


Culver City is a city with 38 883 inhabitants in Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California.


The city was founded in 1913 by Harry Culver. The first film studio was built in 1915 by Thomas Ince, bought in 1918 under the name of Triangle Studios of Samuel Goldwyn and 1924 under the name MGM Studios headquarters of Metro -Goldwyn- Mayer ( MGM). Opened in 1918, a second Ince Studio (now Culver Studios ), which he held until his death in 1924. Other well-known entrepreneur in the film industry followed suit and opened in the 1920s Studios in Culver, including Silent Movie and Hal Roach Studios.

This Culver City was next to Hollywood early into a leading center of "moving images ". With the end of the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood and the decline began Culvers: smaller studios disappeared, large studio plots were bulldozed and sold in the 1960s and 1970s for various real estate projects and residential buildings; the remaining studios were, however, prepared mostly for television productions.

As a turn of the decline is considered the settlement of the acquired by Sony Columbia Pictures movie studios (later Sony Pictures Studios) in the 1990s, which drew with Warner Bros. in Burbank in the former MGM studios in Culver Studio from common property. This Culver City is once again the seat of a so-called Hollywood majors.


Since the census of 1980 the population of the city remained almost stable.

1920-2010: census results


  • Mexico Uruapan, Mexico
  • Japan Kaizuka, Japan
  • Canada Lethbridge, Canada
  • China People's Republic of Yanji, China

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Drew Barrymore, actress and film producer
  • Mickey Cohen; Mobster; He is since 1976 the city buried in the cemetery Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery
  • Tiffany Cohen, Olympic swimming champion
  • Michael Evans, actor
  • Robert M. Fresco, screenwriter and producer
  • John Hencken, float
  • Ron Mael, musicians of the rock band Sparks
  • Michele Krasnoo, Actress
  • Michael Richards, actor
  • Gwen Verdon, Broadway star
  • Michael Whelan, artist
  • Sugar Ray Robinson, Boxer