Cunnamulla is a town of 1217 inhabitants in the south-west of the Australian state of Queensland. It is 750 kilometers west of Brisbane and 200 kilometers south of Charleville (Queensland ) on the Warrego River. The small town is located at the intersection of the Mitchell Highway and Balonne Highway. Cunnamulla is the administrative headquarters of 47,617 km ² large administrative area ( LGA) Paroo Shire Council.

The name means something like Cunnamulla oblong piece of water or large water hole in the Aboriginal language.


The first European was the discoverer Thomas Mitchel of this area in 1846 happened on the lookout for a way to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The first settlements established then already about 10 years later, but only after the discoverer William Landsborough had come to Cunnamulla in 1862, the settlement began to develop properly. 1868, the town was surveyed and built a courthouse in the same year. In the 1880s attracted many farmers in the city, the fertile plains and reliable water supply by the Warrego River made ​​the area ideal for sheep farming. Today, about 2 million sheep graze in the area.

1879 reached the first coach from the small town of Bourke, in 1899 it was then connected to the railway.


Approximately 8 kilometers north- west of Cunnamulla is the small regional airport of the city, it is served by MacAir Airlines.