Curonian Lagoon

The Curonian Lagoon ( nehrungskurisch courses mare, Lithuanian marios Kuršių, Russian Куршский залив, Kurschski saliw ) is a part of the Baltic Sea, is one of about Lithuania and Russia ( Kaliningrad Oblast ). In the Curonian Lagoon, the estuaries of the Memel, of which Atmata and Skirvytė open at the place Rusnė. From the open sea the lagoon is separated by the Curonian Spit. At the northern end of the Spit, there is a passage that Memeler depth at which the Lithuanian seaport of Klaipėda is ( Memel ).


The Curonian Lagoon is limited by the Curonian Spit, an approximately 98 km long and up to 3.8 km wide peninsula. The total area of the lagoon is 1584 km ², of which 415 km ² belong to Lithuania, the remainder to Russia. The maximum depth is only 5.8 m, the average depth of 3.8 m. The salinity reaches a maximum of 8 ‰.


The Curonian Lagoon and the Curonian Spit belonged to East Prussia, and thus to the German Reich. The area was conquered in World War II by the Soviet Union and already integrates several months before the Potsdam conference by a constitutional amendment in its territory. The southern part of the Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) associated with the northern part of Lithuania.

Images from the Curonian Lagoon

Satellite photo of Lagoon and Spit

The cures barges were the type of boat of fishermen in the Curonian Lagoon

The barges were the cures cures pennant at the mast

Kahn cures cures with pennants of Nida on the Lagoon ( 2011).

55.12277777777821.010555555556Koordinaten: 55 ° 7 ' 22 " N, 21 ° 0' 38" E

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