Curses (programming library)

Curses is the name of several libraries to display character-based user interfaces ( Text User Interface, TUI) independent of the explanatory text terminal or terminal emulator.

First there was an implementation of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD ) 4.4, the further development for publication 4 followed by System V 1989. Early 1990s, was developed according to this model from the GNU project is a free implementation called ncurses, which is now predominantly in use. Other developments are the 1987 Launched Public Domain Curses ( PDCurses ) by Mark Hessling and pcurses ( 1982) by Pavel Curtis. There is a standard X / Open, the pronounced keeps close to the System V implementation.

Program Example

Simple Hello world program with curses:

# include int main ( void) {    initscr ();      printw ( "Hello World! ");      refresh ();    getch ();    endwin ();    return 0;   } literature

  • John Strang: Programming with curses. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA January 1, 1986, ISBN 978-0-937175-02-6 (UNIX C library for screen manipulation. A Nutshell handbook ).