Curtis Tomasevicz

Curtis Tomasevicz (born 17 September 1980 in Shelby ) is an American Bobsportler.


Curtis Tomasevicz heard as a brakeman for Steven Holcomb Bobsled Team and starts from time to time with Mike Kohn. It is used both in the four-man as well as in the two-man bob.

His first international appearance was in Tomasevicz Bob World Cup 2004/2005. In the fourth race in Igls Austria he missed in the four-man event with fourth place on the podium just barely. In Cesana he again reached a place in the top ten. In the Bob World Cup 2005/2006 he missed the podium in all races, but always remained in rankings for the best ten. Best placement was a sixth place in Lake Placid.

At the 2006 Olympics in Turin, he took up with Holcomb in the four-man event and finished sixth. In the Bob World Championships 2007 in St. Moritz, he launched Kohn in two's ( 15 ) and the four-man ( 16 ) and in the first-in team competition, where he won with the U.S. team silver behind the German team. In Cesana Pariol he won in February 2007 for the first time in the two- a World Cup race.

The World Cup season 2007/ 08 he could reach the second place together with Holcomb in the two-man bob behind the German Andre Lange and Kevin Kuske in the first race in Calgary. In the following World Cup in Park City, he won with Holcomb. Also in Lake Placid achieved by the two with the third place on the podium again the ride. At the end of the season he was with Holcomb together in fourth place overall.

When Bob World Cup 2008 in Altenberg, he won the bronze medal with the U.S. team in the mixed competition. This success was repeated the team in it at the Bob World Championships 2009 in Lake Placid. He also won there with the four-man event his first world title in this discipline. In the two-man he won bronze.

On 15 January 2010 the U.S. Association announced to start at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 with a two-man and four-man one. With the four-man event he won the gold medal. The following World Cup season 2010/2011 started Tomasevicz with a victory on the Olympic track in Whistler in the four-man event. Also in Lake Placid, he could win. However, he was beaten in all other competitions stronger teams. Best Placements were two third places in Koenigssee and Igls.

In the 2011/12 season he started with the team around Steven Holcomb again with rather disappointing results, which is why Tomasevicz launched at the end of the season in the European Cup bobsled and there won the four-man competition in Igls.

When Bob World Cup 2012 in Lake Placid, he won the world title in the four-man team of Steven Holcomb. In bobsled World Cup 2012/2013 he succeeded in Park City Two- victory after he was already second in the four-man event. Also in Lake Placid, he stood with his four-man team again in second place.

To Bob World Cup in 2013 in St. Moritz, the team was defeated and finished only third. In the team relay, the Americans won the gold medal.


Tomasevicz studied at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, where he made only his Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering. Between 2000 and 2003 he played for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, the American football team of his university.