Cut flowers

Cut flowers are flowers that are grown and marketed for use in floral arrangements, bouquets etc.. Cut flowers are the decoration and as a gift on special occasions, such as a bouquet or as a bouquet.


Had the world market for cut flowers in 2000 a volume of about seven billion U.S. dollars. The largest exporter of cut flowers is the Netherlands - 2011 Netherlands exported cut flowers and pot plants valued at 5.243 billion EUR, which represents over 2010, an increase of 1.9 percent. Follow in the squares

  • Colombia,
  • Israel, with an export of about 5,000 tons of flowers alone in European countries
  • Ecuador, the exported in 2010 for $ 586 million plant
  • Kenya every year with exports of about 60,000 tons of flowers
  • And Spain.

World's largest importer of cut flowers is Germany - only 30 percent of the plants produced in the Netherlands are sold to Germany.


Both the working conditions and the environmental impact of intensive flower production have generated criticism. The magazine pointed Ökotest example, in May 2011 a high pesticide load in cut flowers from conventional trading after. Up to 20 different plant protection poisons per bunch were found. From this criticism emerged the creation of the " Flower Label Program " (FLP ) are characterized by the flowers socially and ecologically sustainable produced commercially (see also Fair Trade ). For sustainable production and the elimination of pesticides and the label Fair Flowers Fair Plants ( FFP) will stand.

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Lisianthus Lisianthus or one of the commercially important cut flower crops