Cutaway (guitar)

A Cutaway ( eng. cutaway) is a cutout on the body of a guitar, so that the gripping hand can reach the high notes of the fingerboard easily. Cutaways are mainly found in electric guitars ( see illustration of a cutaway with an electric guitar ) and bass guitar, but also with some semi- acoustic guitars, western guitars and occasionally in rockabilly basses to be found. Classical guitars are rare (mainly in integrated cartridge) provided with cutaways.

There are basically three different types Cutaway:

  • The Venetian cutaway, which extend the sides rounded
  • The Florentine cutaway, in which the sides converge pointed
  • The Maccaferri Cutaway, in which the sides straight and are at right angles to the neck, and subsequently turned to integrate into the original shape of the body

Other forms can be described as free cutaways. In addition, there are guitars with both sides Cutaway as well as numerous variations of the basic form to other designs.