Cutch State

Kachchh ( = country on the sea coast, English Kutch or Cutch ) was a princely state of British India, north of the Kathiawar Peninsula in what is now the state of Gujarat between the Gulf of Kutch and Pakistan. A large part of the country occupied by the Rann of Kutch. According to legend, is the Rajput state with its capital Bhuj since 1147. He came in 1591 under the suzerainty of the Great Mughals. 1697 was by inheritance the Principality Morvi. The Raos of Kutch took the title in 1757 Maharajadhiraj Mirza Maharao. 1815-1947 was the Principality British protectorate.

Kachchh in 1941 had an area of ​​21,364 km ² and 591,000 inhabitants. They expended 1946 coins denominated in Kori, there are banknotes pattern. On 1 May 1949, the connection to India and integration into the Bombay State was. Since 1960, Kachchh belongs to the state of Gujarat.