The cviček is a Slovenian wine specialty which can bear ( Priznano Tradicionalno Poimenovanje ) the quality designation PTP. He is a mixture of up to fourteen fully developed red and white wines, in the proportion of red wine with up to 70 percent dominated, so that the wine has a bright red, rose- colored appearance. Because under EU law finished fermented red and white wines for the production of quality wines can not be mixed, a special permit was issued specifically for the Slovenian cviček. A certain similarity to various Rotlingen, but are these the grapes or the must of various red and white varieties are pressed and fermented and not mixed finished wines.

Cviček is the original table wine of the Slovenian Sava Krka area south of Celje. Only wines from the Lower Carniola - region may be treated as a PTP cviček. Expansion of the base wines and the subsequent mixture vary from wine to wine. Always, however, is the very old, probably based in Slovenia red variety Žametovka with usually 50 percent (sometimes up to 60 percent), the carrier type. In addition, especially wines from Gamay and Blue Portuguese are mixed. Approximately 30 percent, sometimes up to 40 percent of the cviček consist of white wines, among which Riesling is the most important variety. In addition, to a lesser extent are wines from the Kraljevina ( although a red Portuguese variety, but which is pressed White), added from Chasselas Green Silvaner and Stajerska Belina (probably Roter Veltliner ) of the mixture. Especially the white wine share in cviček varies greatly.

The cviček is a pale red, dry, very pronounced acidity wine with an average alcohol level of about 9 percent by volume. It should be consumed young and well chilled. Due to the very low residual sugar ( less than 2.5 gram / ​​liter) it is also suitable for diabetics.

Cviček is also the Slovenian trivial name of barberry (Berberis vulgaris).