Cvijetin Mijatović

Cvijetin Mijatovic ( born January 8, 1913 in Lopare, Austria - Hungary, † 1993 in Belgrade ) was a Yugoslav politician of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia ( LCY ).


Mijatovic was initially from March 1967 to 1969 secretary of the Central Committee of the LCY of the Socialist Republic ( SR ) Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus leader of the republic. In 1970 he was a representative of Bosnia member of the Presidium of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ( SFRY) and was one of this body until 1984.

From 15 May 1980 to 15 May 1981, he was then Chairman of the Presidium and nominally president of the SFRY. Succeeded in this office was Sergei Kraigher.