The abbreviation stands for CVP

  • Central Vein Pressure ( med ) = central venous pressure
  • Christian Democratic People's Party, a ruling party of Switzerland
  • Christian People's Party, a former party in Germany with a focus in Saarland
  • Christian People's Party of the Saar, a former party in Saarland
  • The former Belgian ruling party Christelijke Volkspartij ( Christian People's Party ), now Christians Democratisch en Vlaams
  • Circuit Value Problem, a problem from complexity theory
  • Clean Value Plastics, a method for recycling of mixed plastics
  • Commission du Vieux Paris, Paris City Committee
  • Content Vectoring Protocol, a concept for the testing of data traffic on a firewall
  • Content Virus Protection, a concept for testing of traffic to a proxy server (see Proxy_ ( computer network )) using an antivirus application
  • Continuously Variable Transmission ( continuously variable transmission )
  • Cost -volume -profit analysis, a concept in Controlling
  • Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa Portuguese Red Cross
  • Customer value proposition, a concept from the marketing
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