Cycling at the 1896 Summer Olympics

I. The Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 six competitions were held in cycling. Five of the competitions were held at the Velodrome Neo Faliro.

333 ⅓ m time trial

Sprint ( 2000 m )

10 km

100 km

12 -hour race

Adolf narrow described the course of the rather monotonous race, which was carried out with pacemakers, in his memoirs how I lost an Olympic laurel - and won. Then he took the early morning hours and the growing reluctance of its competitors, to eject a lap ahead, he could defend to the finish. After only a narrow and could Keeping hope of victory made ​​, the two agreed on a break.

Road race (87 km)

The road race was the Athens Marathon and played back on the track. After Konstantinidis had suffered on the way back to Athens twice a glitch, he borrowed the bike a standing spectator at the track and laid back the last few kilometers.