The Off-Road Racing (also Cyclocross ) is a discipline of cycling. Also known as cyclocross sport is played almost exclusively in the fall and winter on trails. In contrast to the since the 1980s increasingly competitive mountain biking modified, stable racing bikes Cyclo-cross on the run in their dimensions. The tires have different profile and width, but are consistently more profiled and wider than traditional road bike tires. The sport is organized by the International Cycling Union UCI.


Off-Road Racing usually take place on a relatively short, between one and three kilometers long circuit of field and forest roads. A race lasts about an hour. An otherwise entirely uncommon in cycling feature of the cross-country course are short, enormously steep sections that force riders to dismount and carry the wheel at a run over the obstacle. In fact, the wheel with shouldered a muddy climb up 're racing drivers is regarded as the classic image of the cross-country race.


The division had cross-country, as constructions originated on the French Riviera, shortly after the turn of the century 1899/1900 the road driver before the start of the season their form in this area. They reeled off not only many kilometers from, but began to take in order to promote endurance, over hill and dale, shunned by no means steep hills and slopes and shouldered often once their wheels. One day they put out a route in the field and on field and forest roads and staged a race. That was the birth of the Cyclo-cross, Cyclocross French called. The year is certain not accurate. Guaranteed in any case, that the " Critérium International" was on every first Sunday in March of 1924 to about 1948 as an international cross-country title fight. The first national championship in Switzerland, there were already 1912.

The first cyclo-cross world championships were held in 1950 in Paris. Since then, some well-known German road racing cyclist as Klaus -Peter Thaler or Rolf Wolfshohl have won the world title. Today, especially mountain bikers climb in the winter season in order to cross-country race. A related example from the 1990s is the German Mike Kluge, who was both cross-country three times world champion and MTB World Cup winner.

Currently, the international cross- field one port in the men's area is almost completely dominated by Belgians. In the women's field Kupfernagel could win the world title as the first German in 2000. She repeated her success in 2001, 2005 and 2008.