Cyprian Ekwensi

Cyprian Ekwensi Odiatu Duaka ( born September 26, 1921 in Minna, Nigeria; † 4 November 2007) was a Nigerian writer. He wrote 35 books, including city and adventure novels, youth and popular literature.


Cyprian Ekwensi worked since 1945 first as a Ranger, then as a chemistry and biology teacher in Lagos. He wrote a short story a week for the Nigerian Broadcasting. His story When Love Wispers he published in 1948 in small booklets that were sold through the market and thus began the tradition of the so-called Onitsha market literature. From 1949 studied Ekwensi in Lagos and later in London pharmacy and continued to work for the press and radio. He returned back to Nigeria in 1956 and was only pharmacists, then an employee at the radio. In 1961 he was Director of Information of the Nigerian Ministry of Information, during the Biafran war of the Republic of Biafra Informationsmisteriums. After its demise in 1970 he became a director of a library association and in 1975 director of the newspaper publisher Star Printing and Publishing Company Enugu. Most recently, he lived with his wife Eunice Anyiwo in Enugu; he was with her ​​father of five children.


  • People of the City ( 1954)
  • Jagua Nana (1961, German 1987)
  • Burning Grass (1962, YA, GV The Walking Spell 1994)
  • Beautiful Fathers ( 1963)
  • Survive the Peace ( 1976 German Peace survive 1988)
  • Motherless Baby ( 1980)
  • Divided We Stand (1980 )
  • Jagua Nana 's Daughter ( 1986)
  • Gone to Mecca (1993 )