Cyworld ( 싸이 월드 ) is a social network of SK Communications. The " Cy " in Cyworld stands for " cyber " as well as for 사이 sai 'relation'.

On Cyworld, each user has a mini home (also minihompy ), on a small website can be created. The page can be decorated with characters, music, etc..


Cyworld was started in 1999 and acquired by SK Communications, 2003. The Social Network quickly became popular in South Korea and reached up to 33 million users.

2006 Cyworld launched both an American and a German version of the service. The German website has been launched in a joint venture with T-Online. In 2008, the site has been closed due to low usage. 2010 Cyworld withdrew from the USA.

2011 saw the launch Cyworld a global version of the service in seven different languages. However, the number of visitors had been disappointing. In August 2011, Facebook overtook Cyworld in terms of visitor numbers.

In January 2014 Cyword announced that the global version on February 10, 2014, set.