CZ stands for:

  • Czech Republic, the ISO 3166 country code and country code top -level domain ( ccTLD). Cz
  • Česká zbrojovka, collective term Czech weapons and motorcycle manufacturers ( German: Czech weapons factory)
  • Cetane number, a value for the ignitability of diesel fuel
  • China Southern Airlines, the airline's IATA code
  • Chrysler CZ, a car model from 1935
  • Citric acid cycle in biochemistry
  • Computer newspaper, a journal in which Conradin publisher Robert Kohl hammer appears
  • Condition Zero, a version of Counter -Strike, Counter- Strike, see # Counter- Strike: Condition Zero
  • Long March (rocket), one of the indications of a Chinese launcher
  • Cellesche newspaper
  • Cubic zirconia, stabilized in the cubic crystal structure of zirconium ( IV) oxide, sa Zirconia
  • Czochralski method, a method for growing single crystals of high quality from the melt

CZ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Italy: Province of Catanzaro
  • Northern Ireland: Belfast
  • Norway: Jessheim in the province of Akershus
  • Sweden: Diplomatic Portugal
  • Turkey: Diplomatic Corps ( green lettering on a white background)
  • Consular Corps (white text on turquoise background)
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