CZ.NIC is a private organization based in Prague, which was founded in 1998 and acts as a Network Information Center, that is, as administrator of the country-code top -level domain. Cz and the ENUM domain Since January 2004 CZ.NIC belongs also the EURid as an associate member.


First cz was operated by EuNet Czechia. . It was only in May 1998 CZ.NIC was established as a legal entity into being to establish an independent body for the development of the top -level domain: . 4 is comparable to the German DENIC CZ.NIC was first as a merger of several Internet Service provider organization which fund the organization partially and send representatives to the Supervisory Board as to the respective bodies. However, their share in recent years has fallen steadily since last 25 percent, the majority of members (57 percent in 2012) now provide regular domain owner. 50

On 20 September 2006 CZ.NIC took the test operation of ENUM that has already been released to the public in January 2007. With this technology domains could be associated with telephone numbers. Two years later 4,834 ENUM domains were registered according to official figures already that were theoretically mapped to up to 664 399 numbers. The process is officially supported by the local telecommunications company IPEX, CL -NET and netway.

In 2007, CZ.NIC its systems to the so-called Next Generation Distributed Domain Administration. These are his own words to a program that logins and changes to. Cz domains better able to handle the software and other awarding bodies is similar. It also allows for the introduction of internationalized domain names should be prepared under the top-level domain, which was later rejected by the majority. Last one spoke in 2008 due to technical concerns about the accessibility and stability of the domain name system to corresponding addresses.

In June 2010 CZ.NIC first published comprehensive statistics on its top -level domain. Consequently, there were in 2009 a total of about 630,000 domains, of which 87 percent were on a male owner and only 13 percent logged on women. A total of five people each have more than 1,000 addresses, the city with the most registrations was Prague. The length of most commonly used are eight to nine characters, all short and numeric domains with one or two characters were completely forgiven.


Compared to other Network Information Centers CZ.NIC is always characterized noticed, especially to take care of the safety of its top-level domain. For example, an online service was introduced only in August 2013 under the name of website scanner, with which web applications can be tested for vulnerabilities. In addition, the CZ.NIC acts on request as out of court mediation body that conveys to one or more domains in dispute between two parties. On the website of CZ.NIC judgments on. Cz domain are collected, all of which were also translated into English.

Furthermore, CZ.NIC involved in several open source projects, such as a free name server software. This is called Knot DNS and was introduced in the fall of 2011 as an alternative to BIND.