Czech Republic Davis Cup team

The Czech Davis Cup team is the national team of the Czech Republic Tennis. The Davis Cup is the most important competition for national teams in men's tennis, similar to the Fed Cup for the women.


From 1921 to 1993 ( with the exception of the war years ), the Czech players participated in the Davis Cup as a team of Czechoslovakia in part (only Ladislav Hecht played in the first Czechoslovak and Slovak and Czech surname Miloslav Mečíř more often in the team) before it a stand-alone Czech team was. Twice reached the then Czechoslovak team with only Czech players the final: While 1975, losing to Sweden with 2:3, the team in 1980 in Prague, their only title against Italy won 4-1. Under the Czech flag, the team could then make the final for the first time in 2009, but lost Spain with 0:5. Three years later, in 2012, the team succeeded on home soil in Prague revenge: 3:2 With the Spaniards were defeated, making the team as a whole and for the first time as the Czech Republic won the Davis Cup for the second time. 2013 succeeded the team successfully defended the title. In the final, she defeated Serbia with 3-2.

Best player of the team is the three -time Grand Slam winner from the 1970s, Jan Kodeš, who celebrated a total of 60 victories in 15 years.

News Team

The following players competed in the Davis Cup in 2013 for their country to:

  • Tomáš Berdych
  • Radek Stepanek
  • Lukáš Rosol
  • January Hájek
  • Jiri Vesely


The results of the finals are given from the Czech perspective.

* As Czechoslovakia