Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of the Czech Republic as a participant in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

The Czech Republic has participated in the European song competition for the first time in 2007. It was one of the last countries in Europe, which has announced its debut at this event.


For the first time the Czech TV station ČT 2004 had expressed an interest in participating in the 50th Euro Vision Song Contest in May 2005. However, on 3 December 2004, the station officially withdrew its notification. The reason given was that one for next year already planning two major events, and a third event, such as the National Trials, can not cope. The following year, ČT refrained from the outset to register with the EBU, because the Czech contribution, would have had to qualify only on the semi-finals of the competition. On 19 April 2006 a month before the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006, ČT then announced that they wanted to participate authentic 2007.

Kabát the first Czech representatives were in this competition. They reached the last place in the semifinals.

Tereza Kerndlová who represented her country at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2008, only reached the penultimate place in the second semi-final.

Preliminary decisions

On 10 March 2007, the freestyle of the participant was under the title song euro 2007 held in the evening program of ČT. At the show in Veletržní Palace was attended by nine well-known musicians and bands. Prerequisite for participation was a hit parade success after October 1, 2006. Via SMS could viewers vote for their favorites. This election finally went the famous rock band Kabát the winner. In Helsinki we reached the semi-finals one last place with one point and was therefore not qualified for the finals.

Despite the last place in Helsinki we took part again in Belgrade. In the preliminary Teresa Kerndlova won with the song Have some fun. They started in the second semi-final. Also Kerndlová failed in the semifinals.

National Qualifications

Kabát and Tereza Kerndlová were not selected internally, but by a national preliminary round called the Euro song. For individual items see Euro Song 2007 Euro 2008 Song and Song Euro 2009.

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