Czechoslovak 2. Liga

The second league was in 1953 to 1969, the second highest Hockey class in Czechoslovakia. Between the second game of the first class and a rise League Relegation was played to determine and losers at the end of the season.


The second- highest division in hockey changed several times during its existence the name:

Starting in 1963, the second league was played in four regional groups, where the group D was discharged as a purely Slovak group. The four group winners played in the promotion relegation of two intermediates.

In 1969, the leagues game operation was reformed and established two separate divisions for the Czech and Slovak part of Czechoslovakia. These were called first ČNHL ( 1 Česká národní hokejová league ) and 1 denotes SNHL ( 1 Slovenská Národná hokejová league ), the latter from the group D of the second league was formed. For the promotion round, the champion of the first SNHL, the two first of the season 1 ČNHL and the runner-up of Season 1 of A ČNHL qualified.