Czernice, Pyrzyce County

Czernice ( German Sehmsdorf ) is a village in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland.

Geographical location

The village is located about 35 kilometers south-east of Szczecin, about eight kilometers northeast of Pyrzyce ( Pomerania ) in Pomerania. To the west and north of the village runs from southwest to northeast, the province road 106

Neighboring towns in the north- west side of the province road Grędziec ( Schoningen ), in the north- east along the voivodeship Obryta ( United Schönfeld ), to the east Przylep Stary ( Old Prilipp ) and in the southwest along the voivodeship Okunica ( Friedrich Thal ).

West of the village of the living space passport followed, the lies desolate today.

East of the village, the railway line runs Stargard - Godków ( railway Stargard - Jädickendorf ).


The village was founded in 1817 on land that is in the regulation of landlord and peasant relations (see: Prussian agrarian ) of the village of Great Schönfeld were ceded to the state. The village was first called New Schönfeld and then was named after a Sehmsdorf Amtsrat Sehmsdorf, longtime tenants of the Office of Pomerania. Five farmsteads were formed.

In Heinrich Berghaus ' Land of the Duchy of Pomerania book (1868 ) Sehmsdorf was listed among the rural villages in the district of the domain -Rent Office Pomerania in Pyritz circle. The village then had 41 inhabitants. From the initial five farmsteads were by dividing seven farmsteads become, and there were two brickyards.

Before 1945 Sehmsdorf made ​​a living place in the town of Gross Schoenfeld and belonged with this for Pomerania the Prussian province of Pomerania.

After the Second World War came Sehmsdorf how completely Pomerania to Poland. The village received the Polish place names Czernice.

Administrative divisions

Czernice forms a mayor's office in the Gmina Pyrzyce ( urban and rural community of Pomerania ), is this the powiat Pyrzycki ( Pyritz circle) of the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship.