Człuchy ( German Schlochow; Kashubian Człëchë or Człëchi ) is a village in Gmina Smołdzino (Town Schmolsin ) in the powiat Słupski ( Stolp ) of the Polish Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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Geographical location

The village is located in Eastern Pomerania, about 26 kilometers north- northeast of the city of Slupsk ( Stolp ) and one kilometer northwest of the church village Smołdzino ( Schmolsin ).


At the beginning of the 14th century Schlochow had to the extensive lands of Peter of Neuchâtel, at the time Voivode of Stolp, heard, descendant of a Pomeranian comital, the historian later nicknamed Swenzonen gave (named after the oldest known by name family member Swenzo, Castellan of Stolp ). Probably Schlochow was older - and had at that time probably more important - than the immediate neighboring Schmolsin. After Schlochow had belonged to the Duchy of Pomerania before 1648, it counted in the Prussian era to the so-called royal villages. It was under the Office Stolp and later the Office Schmolsin. The village was created in the form of a cul de sac village. Around 1784, there were five Schlochow farmers, including the mayor, and a total of five households.

In 1925 were in Schlochow 18 residential buildings. In 1939 lived in Schlochow 67 inhabitants in 18 households, and the municipality had a total of 17 farms.

Before 1945 Schlochow belonged to the district of Schmolsin district Stolp, administrative region of Pomerania, Pomerania. The municipal area was 208 hectares. Schlochow was the only town in the municipality Schlochow.

Towards the end of World War II occupied on 8 March 1945, the Red Army the village. On March 10, 1945, Soviet Command was established in the village. As the village was situated on the Baltic Sea in the Russian restricted area, it had to leave temporarily to June 1945, all villagers by the end of March 1945. After the Red Army had cleared Schlochow early 1946, Poland took over the farms. Schlochow was renamed Człuchy. The German villagers have been displaced in the subsequent period.

39 Come from Schlochow villagers were later identified in the Federal Republic of Germany and 10 in the GDR.

The village is now part of powiat Słupski the Pomeranian Voivodeship ( to 1998 Slupsk voivodship ).


The pre-1945 living in Schlochow population was Protestant. In the 18th century Schlochow belonged to the parish of Great Guard. Later, the village came to the parish Schmolsin and thus belonged to the church Stolp -Altstadt.


The school children of Schlochow went to Schmolsin to school.