D-1 (Sony)

The system introduced by Sony in 1986 D1 format is an uncompressed digital magnetic tape recording method with the highest quality. It is not as cost effective as Digital Betacam. D1 tapes are available in three sizes: S 12 minutes of tape length, M, with 34 minutes of tape length and L at 94 minutes running time. The ¾ "band s is transported at a speed of 28.7 cm / s., The track image is similar to the Digital Betacam, with a longitudinal Cuetrack at the upper band edge. CTL and TC are recorded longitudinally at the lower band edge. Between these tracks are video and audio recorded in helical tracks. A helical track is divided into two sectors video and four audio sectors faring between the video sectors, divided. four audio sectors offer the ability to record four channels of digital audio and edit independently.

Signal parameters

  • Level resolution 8 bit
  • Signal / noise ratio ( Y ) is greater than 56 dB
  • Recorded data rate 227 Mbit / s

The signal components are encoded with SSNRZ ( Scrambled Synchronized Non Return to Zero ). It is possible to operate two D1 recorder synchronously. The resulting advantage results in a doubled recording capacity. This allows signal recording, for example, progressive ( full screen) or the recording of a wideband RGB signal plus Key channel when recording the recorder in the 4:4:4:4 mode.

  • Videotape format
  • Digital storage medium