D (disambiguation)


  • D, as a small letter d, the fourth letter of the Latin alphabet

The name of

  • D, a programming language

D as a counter variable or unit is

  • The Roman numeral for the value 500
  • The decimal value 13 in a place value system with a base greater than 10
  • Dalasi monetary unit of Gambia
  • In national use national currencies with the denarius name or Dinar
  • Debye, an obsolete unit of the dipole moment
  • Darcy (unit), a unit of the permeability of rock

D is the symbol for

  • Called the electric flux density, and dielectric displacement
  • Spring constant
  • Refractive power of a lens
  • Diffusion coefficient

D is short or trademarks

  • For Germany, see Nationality characters
  • For lady, in toilets, washrooms and locker rooms that are reserved for female users
  • After a number for the number of female roles in a play ( 2 D = 2 female roles )
  • On behalf of an honorary Doctor of Divinity, into the modern times generally for doctoral degrees (eg D. Martin Luther )
  • Responsible for acts of sabotage department at Nachirchtendiensten, about destruction of the Secret Intelligence Service, the KGB Desinformazija
  • For a size of batteries ( " D-cell "), see Battery ( Electronics )
  • The symbol for the hydrogen isotope deuterium
  • The term for aspartic acid in one-letter amino acid code
  • Chris D. ( b. 1953 ), American musician, actor and writer

In music:

  • The key of D major
  • The dominant feature in the theory of harmony
  • In the German language the thumb of Zupfhand the fingering for guitar
  • Discantus in partbooks, see partbook
  • Followed by a number for a specific work of Franz Schubert in the German directory

In the transport sector:

  • In France, followed by a number, for a secondary road, see Route Departmental
  • With the type designation of passenger cars equipped with diesel engine for a variant
  • For a driving license class in the EU, see driving license ( EU law)
  • As Einflaggensignal on a watercraft for "I'm manövrierbehindert. ", see Flag Alphabet
  • For a license plate class of aircraft, see aerial vehicle registration
  • As the first letter in the ICAO code for West Africa
  • According to ICAO country code followed by a number for a risk area (English Danger Area)
  • For airspace class, see airspace
  • Earlier, followed by a train number, for Durchgangszug, see D- train
  • As a generic letter for a luggage cart, see UIC type designation system for passenger coaches

On license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Dusseldorf
  • UK: Deeside and Shrewsbury
  • Ireland: Dublin / Baile Átha Cliath
  • Kyrgyzstan: Jalal-Abad region
  • Poland: Lower Silesian Voivodeship
  • Ukraine: Diplomatic

D as a count variable, unit or symbols stands for

  • Decimal, SI prefix for tenth -
  • One day ( this Latin ), see day # day as a measure of time
  • For a distance, or a difference, see subtraction
  • As part of the notation of differentials, see Differential ( mathematics)

D is the abbreviation or identifying mark

  • In music for the key of D minor
  • For pitch based on the standard pitch. To distinguish strokes or high digits are possible, see frequencies of the equal temperament tuning
  • Phonetic alphabet for the International
  • D is the stereo descriptor for the right ( Latin dexter ), see Chirality (chemistry)
  • ₫, the sign for the Vietnamese Dong currency unit, see Vietnamese Dong
  • ₯, the sign for the former monetary unit drachma
  • Δ, as a lower-case letter δ, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, see Delta
  • The icon for the partial derivative del
  • Dea for Codex Bezae, in textual criticism of the Bible
  • Dp for Codex Claromontanus, in textual criticism of the Bible
  • Ð, Þ, Ď, Đ, đ, Ɖ, Ɗ, ƌ, ƌ, D, D, D d, D d, D d, d, d d, d, D

International Phonetic Alphabet

  • D, voiced alveolar plosive
  • ɖ, voiced retroflex plosive
  • ɗ, see Voiced dental implosive
  • Type D
  • D series
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  • Abbreviation