D-Flame ( born September 19, 1971, civil Daniel Kretschmer ) is a German rapper and reggae musician from Frankfurt am Main. He is married with four children.


D-Flame began his career in the late 80s in the Frankfurt Hiphop scene and formed together with Azazin (who later made a career as Azad ), and A -Bomb and Combad ( who also produced for his solo albums), the Asiatic Warriors. Although 1994 brought an album out, but broke up soon after. He also was a member of the group Foreign Accent, with which he made ​​a guest appearance in the video for foreign in their own country of Advanced Chemistry. D-Flame then worked with the dancehall sound system Sound Quake Sound and Pow Pow Movement, before he performed as a solo artist since 2000.

He has released five albums. " Basstard " made ​​in 2000 the start, can be described as a mix between hip hop and dancehall. More in the direction Hip Hop was his second album, " Daniel X - a black German history." From the year 2002, you can refer to it as audio biographical work, as it is a biography packed into songs. The next album was then exclusively reggae & dancehall music, it was released in 2003 and is titled " Unstoppable ". It is to find police officers as last track, a reggae cover of Extrabreit classic. In 2006 he published " Bad", which goes more towards reggae than hip-hop.

D-Flame has worked with many well-known and successful artists like Seeed, Samy Deluxe, Jan Delay, Denyo 77, Xavier Naidoo, Afrob, clays and J -Luv, D-Flame is also one of the members of the Brothers Keepers. In addition, D-Flame was a member of the former Hamburg hip- hop label Eimsbush entertainment. He hosted by autumn 2010 every Tuesday a show about rap, dancehall and reggae at the Frankfurt youth radio station YOU FM.

On 24 January 2007 D-Flame was totally in TV. He answered questions from Stefan Raab and presented the song Mom song with which he has represented his state of Hesse in the ( also initiated by Raab ) Federal Vision Song Contest on February 9, 2007.

During his career, he supported many other hip- hop artists at live performances and tours. In early 2008 he supported the Hamburg hip- hop group Dynamite Deluxe at their "TNT " tour.

His album "stress " was released on 14 November 2008.

Movie Documentary

Early February 2007, ran the documentation on " Yes I Am " in some German cinema, is in the D-Flame, next Mamadee Adé Bantu and portrayed. The film shows the path of the born in Germany, Afro- German artists and the circumstances with which they are faced because of their skin color and were.

Discography (selection)

  • 2000: Basstard
  • 2002: Daniel X - A black German history
  • 2003: Unstoppable
  • 2006: FFM
  • 2008: Stress

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