D-Galacturonic acid

  • Galacturonic
  • 6 -carboxy -D-galactose
  • D-galacturonic acid
  • (2S, 3R, 4S, 5R) -2,3,4,5 - tetrahydroxy -6-oxo -hexanoic acid
  • Botrytissäure ( as occurring in sweet wines )
  • 685-73-4
  • 91510-62-2 D-( ) -galacturonic acid monohydrate

Fixed (monohydrate)

164.5 ° C ( monohydrate)

Soluble in water ( monohydrate)


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Galacturonic acid ( or, more specifically D-galacturonic acid ) is an organic chemical compound from the group of uronic acids. It comes as a major component of pectins before (which was first suspected in 1924 by K. Smolenski ) and belongs to the fiber. Is formally an oxidized form of the D-galactose. Its salts are called Galacturonate.

β -D -galacturonic acid in Haworth notation