D. G. E. Hall

Daniel George Edward Hall (often DGE Hall, born November 17 1891 in Hertfordshire, England; † October 12, 1979 in Hitchen, UK) was a historian who has worked mainly on Southeast Asia.


Hall came from a peasant family, and received his early education at the Hitchin Grammar School. In 1913 he went to King's College in London and made in 1916 with a degree in history with a first-class certificate, which earned him the Gladstone Memorial Prize. In 1919 he got a job as a history teacher at the Royal Grammar School in Worcester. In the same year he married Helen Eugenie Banks, who also studies at King 's College and was awarded the Gladstone Prize. He then went to Bedales School in Hampshire.

A little later, Hall received an appointment to the Chair of History of the newly established University of Rangoon. He participated in and had to realize on his arrival in May 1921 that the program was not suitable with its focus on the Classical antiquity for the university. He therefore began with the development of courses and Constitution of textbooks on regional history. During this work, his interest in Burmese culture and Asian history began.

In 1927 he published the first work on the Anglo- Burmese Relations 1587-1686 (English Relations with Burma 1587-1686 ), which appeared in the Journal of the Burma Research Society. In the meantime, he earned his doctorate in literature at the University of London. In 1934 he had with his family, who suffered from conjunctivitis to return to England. There he took a job as director of Caterham School in Surrey. In 1949 he was appointed to the Chair of Southeast Asian History at the University of London. Here he published in 1955 his great work History of South - East Asia. In September 1959, Hall accepted a visiting professorship at Cornell University in 1973 and returned to England, where he later published a biography of Henry Burney little.

Daniel Hall died on 12 October 1979 in Hitchen.


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  • Historian
  • Thai Studies
  • Briton
  • English
  • Born 1891
  • Died in 1979
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