D. W. Moffett

Donald Warren Moffett ( born October 28, 1954 in Highland Park, Illinois ) is an American actor.


Donald Warren Moffett was born in Highland Park and grew up in Wilmette. From 1969 to 1974, he attended school in Schloss Neubeuern. After graduating from Stanford University in Political Science, he worked as Investementbanker in Chicago and started in parallel to play theater. He played alongside William H. Macy in the St. Nicholas Theater Company. He has established itself as a stage actor in Chicago and later moved to Broadway in New York City, where he starred in several theater productions at the side of John Malkovich, Matt Dillon and Kevin Spacey. Not to be confused with the British actor Donald Moffat, he played from now on under the symbol DW Moffett.

On the side of Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara and Sylvia Sidney Moffett made ​​her debut in 1985 in the TV drama Previously Frost - A case of AIDS. He has since appeared in films such as Pacific Heights, Falling Down - An ordinary day and Traffic - power of the cartel. Besides, he had to see bigger roles in the television series For Your Love, Friday Night Lights, and since 2011 in Switched at Birth.

Since April 5, 1997 Moffett is with Kristal Rogers, with whom he has two children together, married.

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