D2 road (Croatia)

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  • Varaždin
  • Koprivnica- Križevci
  • Virovitica - Podravina
  • Osijek- Baranja
  • Vukovar - Syrmia County

The Drzavna cesta D2 ( Croatian for, national road D2 ' ), also Podravsko magistrala ( kroat. for, Podravina Mainline ' called ), is a state highway in Croatia. The road follows the river course of the Drava and carries the historical name of the Croatian Draugebietes Podravina.

The Podravina highway to be expanded to their total length to the highway and better connect the northern part of Croatia with the eastern part. The construction of the expressway in particular the economic boom of Slavonia should be favored. Parts of the future highway have already been completed. The completed sections include the North detours Virovitica and Slatina ( The northern bypass of Đurđevac is under construction ). Began in 2008 with the construction of the stretch Virovitica - Slatina.

The total length of the current range of D2 is 325 km. The future expressway to Ormož near the Slovenian border on the island Virje - Osijek and Vukovar lead after Ilok at the Serbian border - Varaždin - Koprivnica (A12 ) - Đurđevac - Pitomača - Virovitica (A13 ) - Slatina. On the Slovenian side of the upgrading of the line is Ormož - Ptuj ( highway access ) planned.

The National Road D2 passes through areas of high economic development potential, particularly in the field of agriculture and industry. As early as 1999 the Podravina Expressway was classified in the highest priority category of the Croatian national transport strategy. The expansion of the expressway was delayed until now, however, as the otherwise busy heavy vehicle route not covered with the proposed plans pan-European transport corridors.