DÄ…bie Lake

Protrudes into the city

The Dammsche Lake (Polish Dąbie ) is an expansion of the Or shortly before its opening. The approximately 15 km long and at its widest point, about four kilometers wide lake begins in the inner city of Stettin, where the embossed by many creeks and islands Odra passes into an open sea. Just above the town Pölitz (Police) is the flow back into his bed, spreads, however, shortly before it flows into the Szczecin Lagoon again ( Pape water / Roztoka Odrzańska ).

The name of the lake comes from the city Altdamm on the eastern bank of the Oder, now a district of Stettin.

Apart from the two main branches of the Oder, the West and the Ostoder, as well as the cross-links Dunzig and Parnitz rivers flow Płonia ( Płonia ) and Ihna ( Ina ) in the dam 's lake. Through several large islands separated from the rest of the lake, the West or their course reserves in the area of the lake with a largely.

The western bank of the lake is densely built up with the districts of Szczecin, in the south separates the great seaport of the city of the dam 's lake from the Lower Oder Valley National Park, located in the southeast of the aforementioned District Altdamm. The eastern and northern shores are largely uninhabited, the nearest town ( Gollnow / Goleniów ) is situated about 10 km to the east.

Map of the dam 's lake from 1896

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