Dado (painter)

Miodrag Djuric ( Miodrag Djuric original spelling ), known as Dado ( born October 4, 1933, Cetinje, Yugoslavia, now Montenegro, † November 27, 2010 in Pontoise ) was a Yugoslav- French painter and graphic artist.

Life and work

After his mother 's death in 1944 Miodrag was taken by an uncle, who was living as a painter in Ljubljana. Miodrag Djuric studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Herceg Novi, then at the Academy in Belgrade. In 1956 he went to Paris and initially worked as an assistant in lithography. He met Jean Dubuffet and Roberto Matta know who sponsored him.

In his studio in Paris he painted in oil on canvas, created drawings and graphics, as well as sculptures and assemblages. His art is influenced surrealist, plays with the irritation, the ambiguity between organic and mineral, the body and the landscape. Fantastic creatures seem to grow out of the rock. 1958 there was a first exhibition in the studio of Daniel Cordier. This organized the International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris the following year. Thanks to his success in this exhibition Dado could buy the mill from Hérouval.

Other companions of him were Réquichot Bernard, who also sat -body metamorphoses into scene and the Surrealists Hans Bellmer and Unica Zürn his companion. The poet Georges Limbour wrote that in Dados images all seem to break up, everything is traversed by fine cracks and in so doing is as if it auseinanderfallle the next moment.

Two other exhibitions were held at the Galerie Daniel Cordier in 1961 and 1964. He was twice invited to Documenta in Kassel: 1964 documenta III and also in 1977 at documenta 6, respectively in the department drawing. 1970 was a major retrospective of his works at the Centre National d' Art contemporain in Paris, but did not end his career. He painted large-scale diptychs, showed the imaginative, skillfully crafted monster creatures, armored giant insects with sharp scissors. This cavorting in cold blue light among the ruins. His work evolved to 1994 in the direction of a somewhat mannered death romance then, however, proposed a completely new direction.

In that year he acquired Les Orpellières, a disused winery at Sérignan in the department of Hérault. Until 1999 he painted there on masonry and created sculptures. Then he decorated the roof rafters of the chapel Saint- Luc in Gisors. His last major work was the artistic arrangement of an old stone house in Fécamp 2002.

Since 1981 he was a corresponding member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts. His works can be found worldwide in many museums, galleries, and in private collections.


  • 2012: Kunsthalle Dusseldorf: Dado, Danse Macabre