Dadra ( Devanagari: दादरा, Dadra ) is a musical style of the light Indian classical music and is part of the North Indian classical music, one of the two main systems of Indian classical music. The Dadra similar to the structure of Thumri singing. Both belong to the genre as a vocal form of light Indian classical music. However, the Dadras are free and allow the singer more scope for individual design and interpretation ( nuance, phrasing, improvisation ).

Dadras are mostly in the rhythm (see Tala ) with a 6 or 8- beat and accompanied listed in "light Raga scales " like someone, pilu or Pahadi. To accompany serve, as in other North Indian vocal styles, tabla, sarangi or harmonium and the tanpura.

The origin of Dadra and Thumri is suspected in the North Indian plains between the rivers Yamuna and Ganges and the ancient region of Bundelkhand.