Daewoo Nubira

Daewoo Nubira Saloon (1997-1999)

The Daewoo Nubira is a vehicle of the South Korean automaker GM Daewoo brand. It is built since mid-1997.

The name Nubira is Korean and in translation means " go around the world"; what is intended to indicate the long-term qualities of the cars. Currently, the model is produced only at the Vietnamese subsidiary of GM Korea as Daewoo. Manufacturer there is since 1998 the GM Daewoo Vidamco.

Model series

Nubira ( J100, 1997-1999)

The first Nubira (code: J100 ) was offered from June 1997 as a four-door saloon, five-door hatchback and station wagon with slightly longer outer dimensions. With a wheelbase of 2585 mm, width 1720 mm vehicle and the vehicle height 1430 mm. The SH model is 4285 mm long, the model STH 4495 mm and 4550 mm of the combination. The curb weight ranges from 1264 kg for the STH to 1313 kg for the combination.

At launch, there were two engine variants and three trim levels are available: a 1.6 SE than 1.6 SX and CDX than 2.0 ( best trim level ). Both the 1.6 liter and the 2.0 liter engine could be ordered for an additional charge with a four- speed automatic transmission. All models feature front-wheel drive.

The Nubiura series was sold with 3 years manufacturer's warranty up to a maximum of 100,000 kilometers of operation.

The vehicles are considered to be relatively robust and very reliable. For this class of vehicle, the standard equipment was very extensive, since it included as ABS, Airbag double, quadruple power windows, power mirrors and central locking with radio remote control.

Daewoo Nubira Hatchback (1997-1999)

Nubira ( J150, 1999-2002)

In the made ​​in spring 1999 facelift of the Nubira ( J150 ) next to the front and rear and the entire interior has been redesigned and replaced by more expensive materials.

The dashboard got in the CDX- Features wood inlays. Likewise, the seats were changed and now got more lateral support and the support surface.

Soil group, the basic body style, engine, electrics and drivetrain remained. The hatchback version was taken from the offer.

Daewoo marketed the car in South Korea as the " Nubira 2 ".

Rear view

Daewoo Nubira Kombi (1999-2002)

Nubira ( J190, 2002-2003 )

The J190 series was offered from mid- 2002 to early 2003.

The body shape of the J150 was acquired, external distinctions concerned only the headlights (H4 instead of H1 ) and the side markers ( now in white). When combined model also the taillights were changed. The engines now meet the Euro 3 emissions standard. The interior got new upholstery and rear donated a third headrest.

Nubira ( J200, 2002-2004)

The Nubira celebrated at the Seoul Motor Show 2002 its world premiere.

In Korea, the new model as the Daewoo Lacetti was then immediately in sales. As of mid-2003, designed by Pininfarina car was also available in Germany. At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2004, the estate version was presented and was four months later at the dealership.

As the Lacetti has the Nubira some European components and was also voted in the UK in terms of the chassis and driver behavior. The drive is a 1.6 l were offered with 80 kW and a 1.8 -liter inline four- cylinder engine with 90 KW.

After the restructuring of Daewoo and the new GM model policy ( General Motors), the model from the beginning of 2005 was available under the name Chevrolet Nubira in Germany.

In Egypt, the Nubira will continue to be manufactured under the brand name Daewoo. Producer which is the automotive manufacturer Speranza. However, it has not been there the last facelift.

Rear view


Daewoo Nubira has the factory offered as one of the few manufacturers with an LPG system. The gas tank with a capacity of 60 liters of LPG ( Liquefied Propane Gas ) is installed in place of the spare wheel in the appropriate tray. The range of the vehicle is enhanced by up to 450 km.