DAF 44

DAF 46 (1975)

The DAF 44 was a compact car, the DAF produced in Limburg in the model years 1966 to 1974. It was designed by Giovanni Michelotti had an air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with 844 cc displacement and 34 hp ( 25 kW). The drive was carried out by the stepless Vario Matic.

For the truck manufacturer DAF, who had only the smaller weaker Daffodil series previously built for the passenger car market (DAF 30 to 33), presented the DAF 44 represents a cautious step back to top

In 1974, the model was renamed with slight technical modifications such as the installation of the De - Dion rear axle from the DAF 66, DAF 46 and built under the aegis of Volvo for another two years for the domestic market.